Pterodactyl Plains is an experimental folk band with roots in Montana and the Rocky Mountains. Current band members are Jessica Røki Kilroy and Ramey Newell. New album forthcoming in 2019.


“…the softness of Alison Krauss’s Americana roots folk with the deep bass and drums of Depeche Mode and the brooding emotion of a Bach fugue, creating something awesome…you’ve never heard before.”Boston Phoenix (USA)
“…dreamy, rustic songs steeped in eerie Americana.”NPR (USA)
“pretty and compelling experimental folk album” “space-tribal” “delightfully alien”See Magazine Review (Edmonton, Canada)
“The mysterious magic of the album with each song more deeply immerses you in the depths of its profound peace, freeing from reality.”Funky Souls (Russia)
“If heaven were music it’d sound like this.”last.fm (Brazil)


In the Air (2011)
New Album Coming 2021!


October 30, 2018

Band member Jessica Kilroy featured in “Creek Sessions”

We are thrilled that Stept Studios made this short piece about Jessica and our efforts to incorporate natural soundscapes into our upcoming album. Check out the film below, which will also screen as part of the Wild and Scenic Film Festival in January. If you’re there, we might just have some CDs with a few new songs to give away!

September 1, 2018

New website, and a new album in the works!

After a long hiatus, Pterodactyl Plains is back, with a new band member (Ramey Newell), a new website (please be patient as we improve it), and a new album in the works for 2020/2021 (stay tuned)!

We’ve been experimenting with new ways of thinking about and making music, and also reflecting on the potential of art to affect the world around us in these tumultuous times. We believe we have a responsibility as artists and musicians to join that conversation. Therefore, Pterodactyl Plains is currently producing a music and multimedia project that highlights the importance of open lands and natural soundscapes, and the need to protect both. We look forward to sharing it with you in the near future!


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